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Was incorporated in Malaysia on 17th September 2007 by Mr. Richard Li, a young and dynamic entrepreneur. Hapond is the first company introduced inkjet printing technology in Malaysia. The company is also the biggest cum the oldest existing market leader in the industry as well.

Since its business inception in 2007, Hapond had introduced several innovations to the digital colour printing marketed under its own brand. Hapond has been at the forefront of colour digital printing business for over a decade, offering unique solutions for demanding applications.

The main application of our colour inkjet printing technology, inter alias, includes but not limited to various industries such as decoration industry, advertising industry, interior design industry, packaging industry, exhibition industry, leather and textile industry etc.


Hapond provides high quality printing inks, printing materials, colour management, professional technical support and operation cost consultation services etc. As of to-date, the company have 15 series inkjet printers consists of outdoor solvent based series, indoor water-based series, eco solvent type and UV series etc. It is distinctly understood that each series of printers had its own salient features and uniqueness such as DPI, dimension, wide spacious compartment functions, various number of print heads and colour selection etc.


We built a special task force and technical back up support team, the total work force of which constitutes almost half of the total manpower of the company. We experienced and professional team follows a customer-oriented approach that guarantees quick and efficient response on delivering prompt and speedy maintenance services committed with 24 hours on call notification at designated site for all customers domiciled in the vicinity of Klang Valley areas.

We are the one and only company duly equipped with in house professional technical training centre in the industry. Through dedicated and intensive training programs, documentation and service methods, Hapond has gained the reputation of a reliable and efficient service provider, dedicated to the customer’s needs.

As a leader brand that has produced high quality, stylish products and services on a regional level based on the criteria that is quality, value, trustworthiness, credible image, customers satisfaction and brand management.

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