The XT Laser Fiber Laser Welding Machine is a state-of-the-art industrial tool designed for precise and efficient welding applications. It utilizes fiber laser technology to deliver high-power laser beams for welding various types of metals with exceptional accuracy and speed.

XT Laser Welding Machine

Material Saving

Speed Fast

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  • Fiber transmission laser welding machine coupled high energy laser beam into fiber cable,after long distance transmission,it is focusing on the work piece for welding by collimating lens collimate light.It adopts Germany technology,the overall appearance is good looking appearance,equipped with high performance bearing working table,hand-held type,simple operation and high cost ratio and good performance .With high efficiency and energy,100,000 hours lifetime,stable performance,high power,it is applicable and flexible for all kinds of laser industry. Parameters small adjustments,choose different wave type for welding different materials,single and quick operation

  • Product Features

    A. Environmental protection
  • traditional argon arc welding, considerations such as arc radiation, metal fume, and harmful gases make recruitment difficult. However,compared with fiber-optic hand-held laser welding machines, it is easy to solve.

  • B. Portable design
  • XT LASER hand-held fiber laser welding machine adopts integrated cabinet design. Which integrates laser source, cooling system, software control, etc. with the advantages of small footprint, convenient movement, and powerful functions.

  • C. More convenient for operation
  • At present, hand-held welding machine, using a hand-held welding gun instead of a fixed light path, more convenient to operate. The welding work piece has no deformation, no welding marks, and the welding is firm.

  • Applicable Industry

  • Sheet metal processing ● Railway transportation ● Automobiles ● Construction machinery ● Agricultural and forestry machinery ● Electrical manufacturing ● Elevator manufacturing ● Household appliances ● Food machinery ● Textile machinery ● Tools Processing ● Petroleum machinery ● Food machinery ● Kitchen and bathroom ● Decorative advertising ● Laser external processing service

    XTW-1000 XTW-1500 XTW-2000
    Laser Source Raycus
    Output Power (w) 1000W 1500W 2000W
    Center Wavelength 1080nm ±5
    Fiber Cable length 8m
    Water Cooling 1.5P 2.0P 2.5P
    Wobble width (mm) 0.2-5mm(adjustable)
    Protective lens D20*2
    Auto Wire-feeding Yes
    Gas N2/AR
    Total Power Consumption 5500W/25A 7000W/32A 9500W/25A
    Voltage 220±20% VAC 50/60Hz 380±20% VAC 50/60Hz
    Dimension (CM) 1190*620*1170 mm/245kg 1190*620*1170mm/260kg 1190*620*1170mm/300kg

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