A fiber laser is a type of laser that uses optical fibers to amplify light and generate a concentrated beam of light. The fibers are doped with rare-earth elements such as erbium, ytterbium, or neodymium, which provide the laser with its unique properties.

XT Laser T Series

Material Saving

Speed Fast

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Applied Material

  • Carbon Steel tube, stainless steel tube, silicon steel or aluminum alloy and other metal tubes.

  • Product Features

    1. The bed is welded with heavy-duty square tubes. After data-based force analysis, it has excellent rigidity and long-term cutting without deformation.
    2. Open spandrel Bridge beam, learn from bridge technology, strive for structural stability, and high-speed operation still guarantees ultra-high precision.
    3. Precision pneumatic chuck, high efficiency and stability, accurate positioning, time saving and material saving, and strong dynamic.
    4. Fully enclosed laser protective glass design to prevent laser from harming the health of personnel.
    5. Can be matched with automation modules to achieve fully automated loading and unloading, and accelerate the pace of enterprises entering Industry 4.0.
    6. The equipment is equipped with an abnormal alarm system, so that users can get a better user experience.


    Model XT-T230 XT-T350
    Length of tube 6.5m/9.2m
    Laser power 1000W-3000W
    Maximum rotating speed of chucks 120r/min
    Maximum feeding speed of chuck axis 120m/min
    Acceleration 1.2G
    Re-Positional accuracy Φ20-220mm Φ20-345mm
    Position accuracy ±0.03mm
    Re-position accuracy ±0.02mm

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