A fiber laser is a type of laser that uses optical fibers to amplify light and generate a concentrated beam of light. The fibers are doped with rare-earth elements such as erbium, ytterbium, or neodymium, which provide the laser with its unique properties.

XT Laser HT Series

Cost Effective

More Efficient

Easy Maintenance

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Applied Material

  • It specializes in cutting 0.5-30mm carbon steel , 0.5-14mm stainless steel , galvanized and electrolytic plates, 6mm aluminum alloy, 0.5-10mm brass and red copper ect.

  • Product Features

    1. Dual-drive gantry architecture,combine excellent heat treatment technology and machining process technology,ensure machine rigidity and long-term stable use.
    2. Integrated connection of main bed and auxiliary bed,free and flexible switching of sheet and tube cutting.Can satisfy customers' steel sheet and pipe cutting needs to the greatest extent.
    3. Imported servo motor drives precision rack and pinion transmission,effectively ensure the cutting accuracy and cutting efficiency of the whole machine.
    4. The tube cutting part can realize 6-meter tube cutting and 3-meter tube cutting.


    XT-H1530T XT-H1545T XT-H2040T XT-H2060T XT-H2560T
    Cutting Range 1500×3000mm 1500×4500mm 2000×4000mm 2000×6000mm 2500×6000mm
    Laser power 1000W-3000W
    Linkage speed 120m/min
    Acceleration 1.0G
    Clamping Range T160:Φ10-160mm T240:Φ10-240mm
    Processing Length of the pipe 3m/6.3m
    Max load pipe T160:160Kg 16Kg/m T240:300Kg 30Kg/m

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