Eco Solvent Ink very suitable for indoor with high quality feel, for fine art industry display is the most perfect.


INSPIRING INNOVATION for all roll material, high speed production mode and vivid colour print quality, 

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Dimension 3726mm(L) x 1173mm(W) x 1639mm(H)
Weight 300kg
Max. Print Width 1900mm
Max. Media Width 1900mm
Ink Type Eco Solvent Ink / Sublimation Ink
Ink Color CMYK
Print Head EPSON i3200 E1/A1 (3.5pl)
No. of Print Head 2 / 4 units
Print Resolution 360x1200dpi, 360x1800dpi, 720x1200dpi, 720x1800dpi
Print Speed

Production Mode 
Quality Mode
High Precision Mode 
75 m2/hr
54 m2/hr
43 m2/hr
150 m2/hr
108 m2/hr
86 m2/hr
Print Mode Uni- and Bi- Direction
Media Type Eco-Solvent-Ink: Back-lit, Banner Flex, Canvas, Mesh Paper, Synthetic Paper, PVC, Reflective Film, Sticker, Tarpaulin, Wallcoverings, Car Sticker, Soft Film, Single Transparent Sticker, etc.
Sublimation-Ink: Textile, Knife Scraping Cloth, Velvet Cloth, Cloth, etc.
Software GZ Printer Manager, PhotoPrint,   Optional: Onyx RIP
Cleaning System Anti-blocking, Auto Flush & Moisturizing Function
Drying System Adjustable Temperature Heat Panels
Media Handling Auto Media Release/Take Up System / Max. Media Weight 40kg
Image Format BMP, TIFF, JPEG, EPS, PDF, etc.
Colour Management ICC Profiles
Data Interface USB 2.0/3.0
Input Voltage Single Phase 220V ±10% (50/60Hz, AC)
Working Environment Temperature: 23oC-29oC
Humidity: 50%-80% RH

Incredible product

Shammah L, 1 Jun 2022

High speed and durable in team for running unattended for 1 big roll of material.