1 unit multi-cutter in production create hassle free. HDC-R4 not only perform perfect cut for almost all material also improve productivity of the worker. HDC-R4 is the best cost saving machine for print & cut workflow solution.


INSPIRING INNOVATION keeping work smooth and hassle free

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Size & Effective Cutting Area (mm) 2040x2335x1290(1000x1300) / 2740x2235x1290(1800x1500) / 3440x2335x1290(2500x1600) / 3440x2535x1290(2500x1800) / 3940x2735x1290(3000x2000)
Special Size Customizable
Safety Device Physical anti-collision mechanism + infrared induction anti-collision to ensure production safety
Tools EOT, UCT, CCD, Cursor, Pen, POT, DRT, PRT, KCT
Cutting Thickness ≤50mm
Cutting Material All kind of corrugated board, card board, composite material, acrylic, honeycomb, high impact, paper foam, PVC, etc.
Cutting Speed Up to 1200mm/s (depends on the type of material)
Cutting Precision ≤0.1mm
Fixing Method Individual section vacuum suction
Interface Ethernet Port
Driving System Intelligent digital control servo system
Command DXF, HPGL compatible format
Numerical Control Panel Mult-Language LCD Touch Screen
Suction Power 3KW-12KW (Variable frequency air pump is optional)
Power Supply 380V/220V ±10% (50/60Hz, AC)
Working Environment Temperature: 10oC~40oC
Humidity: 20%~80% RH

Incredible product

Shammah L, 1 Jun 2022

High speed and durable in team for running unattended for 1 big roll of material.